Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Beautiful Fall Day!

Happy Fall!
David had school this morning but after we picked him up at noon we spent the afternoon outside enjoying the beautiful fall day! It's nice for the boys to get to play together on the swing set/slide that their Mom and Dad put together for them(mostly Mom). Only problem...Adam can't climb up the ladder yet so Mom has the job of lifting him up to the fort so he can slide down. I didn't do it once if I didn't do it 100 times:o) He laughs and screams all the way down landing on his butt every time. Nothing too fancy though...just the basics. Give him a year!
David on the other hand climbs around like a monkey. He takes advantage of all of his options...the climbing wall, the ladder and back up the slide(While his brother is going down). Then of course it's head first, feet first, on his belly, on his back and maybe the traditional way on your butt. After a couple of hours sliding, we decided to rake some of the leaves on the side of the house into a HUGE pile over and over again:o) David would run from the other side of the lawn and jump into the leaves. Adam likes to get buried in the leaves and also takes his turn raking the leaves into a well as a 2 year old can:)

After a beautiful afternoon full of running, sliding, laughing, raking, and just plain fun, the boys took a bath, ate supper and were in bed by 7:20pm!
They need to get a good night's rest because tomorrow they are going to go play with David's best friend....Lucas! David called Lucas' Mom today to remind her that we would be coming over tomorrow.

We got David's school pictures back today. One 8x10 and two sheets of wallet sized prints, and a class picture. I showed them to David and we went through all of the kids in his class(he knew all but 1 of the 9 other kids in his class:o) and of course Miss Anne his teacher). I turned around to do something and heard him announce..."That's a lot of Davids!" I thought I was going to die laughing. I turned around and he was holding one of the pages with 8 wallet photos. I'm telling you, never a dull moment!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It's a GIRL!!!

Well Chad and Robin, my brother-in-law and his wife, had their baby on Saturday, October 11 around 1:30pm weighing in at 6lbs 15oz. She is so beautiful! I've only seen a picture but she's so sweet. I have to wait until the boys are both feeling better so we don't get her sick. Her name you ask...Amelia, her middle name is Panagiota after my husband and brother-in-law's grandmother. I'll post a picture as soon as I can. I have one on my phone that my sister-in-law sent to me but I don't think I can get it onto the computer. Now, hopefully people will stop telling me that I need to try for girl:o) Thanks Robin!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Happy Birthday Adam!! It's hard to believe he's already 2 years old. Time just flies by. He is finally going to bed without incident and sleeping through the night again. YEAH!!!!!!!

The boys now have bunk beds and so far, with the siderail, Adam has only fallen out of bed once:o) No injuries.

He got Lightening McQueen sheets, a blanket, and his wonderful Mother made him a Lightening McQueen cake! Came out pretty good for her first attempt at anything but just frosting.

We've had a new addition to the family. He's 8 weeks old and too cute. We call him Petu but Troy says he needs a real name so we're working onit. Adam is constantly picking him up and carrying him around. He takes after his Momma, he loves cats.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


What a beautiful day! Troy is still on vacation, he goes back to work tomorrow...he's so excited! Yeah right:o) Well, here is a picture of the north side of our house. Summer is just about over so we got out and enjoyed the nice weather while we could. On the left, against the house, are my raspberry bushes. While Adam was taking a nap today.......

I picked these beautiful, delicious, sweet red raspberries!!!!!! David was helping to begin with but then he realized that the tall grass in front of the raspberries was prime real estate for dinosaurs.

Looks like a whole family of long necks are moving in! Hate to see the pooper scooper for that!

Before helping with the raspberries and playing with the dinosaurs, David helped Troy pick tomatoes in the garden.
Apparently this was extremely taxing on my poor husband because this is where I found him when I went out to pick berries...

Well, he is on vacation:o)

We never did get to the apple picking. It decided to rain that day. We'll do that later this week. I can't wait for fresh Macintosh Apples!!!!!

Adam has been awake late the last couple of nights. I think he got into a bad habit a couple of weeks ago when he was teething and then going to Toronto didn't help. So last night I let him scream, not cry...SCREAM!!!! for a solid 20 minutes before I gave in and got him back up. He finally fell asleep after he realized that I had gone to bed and came up with dinosaurs in tow and laid with me in my bed. Troy put him back in his room when he came upstairs.

Tonight David, Adam, and I brushed our teeth then sat in their room and read 6 books. I tucked both the boys in and all was good until...I made the apparently fatal error of turning off the light and leaving the room. After 10 minutes of SCREAMING we put poor David in the guest room where he is sleeping like a baby:o) Adam SCREAMED for about 30 minutes before he finally gave in. I picked him up once and he grabbed onto me for dear life. After I assured him that he was okay, gave him cuddles and kisses, I put him back in his crib and he cried for a couple of minutes and then was quiet. I went up to check on him 10 minutes later. I covered him up and made sure his dinosaurs were in the right places. He picked up his head, said Mama, laid his head back down, and has been quiet since. Hopefully he does better tomorrow night. Poor little stinker. Keep your fingers crossed!!!!

Did I mention the SCREAMING?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hi ho, Hi ho, we're back from Toronto!

We left for Toronto on Friday the 5th and just got back this evening. We spent the first night at my husband's Aunt's house in Mississauga, Ontario. We went to a family wedding on Saturday and spent the night in the Cambridge Suites Hotel in downtown Toronto. The boys got to ride in a taxi for the first time and had a ball. There were trolley cars running through the streets of the city which David found rather exciting. And of course the city is breathtaking at night with everything lit up. The boys were soaking it all in with a chorus of "awesome" and "what's that" along with "cool" and of course "sweet".

Sunday was David's 5th Birthday!!! We slept in, had a yummy breakfast, checked out of our hotel at 1pm and headed to Aunt Mary's for a surprise party. We had a delicious chocolate ice cream cake decorated with dinosaurs and a volcano. David got an array of dinosaur gifts; movie, tattoos, books, toy dinosaurs, a poster, a Spinosaurus that "is scary and can't be in the room where I sleep", the Cars soundtrack, a digital camera, and some clothes. We had a dinosaur birthday banner, noise makers, and balloons. After eating cake and opening all of his presents, David and Adam disappeared upstairs to watch his new dinosaur movie. He was so excited and told me that he "had a great birthday. I got a lot of gifts. That's was nice of the older people." His Aunt Mary found that comment rather comical:o)

Monday we took a road trip to Niagara Falls. We only took 2 wrong turns with the GPS:o) I am a master navigator!!! When we finally got to the falls it was great. What a beautiful day! The boys as well as Troy and I had a wonderful time. David picked out a baby mammoth and Adam a white owl at the gift store which he dragged around all day. We rode on The Fury of the Falls...not worth all the hype. We had a really yummy lunch that only cost $80 including the tip! Should have served those chicken nuggets and fries on gold plates thank you:o) The boys did a lot of walking which tuckered them out and both slept all the way back to Aunt Mary's house.

We had supper and let them run around for a little while and they both slept all night. Neither one of them moved an inch!

We're home now, 11pm, safe ride home with no traffic or construction! We even got to see a couple of trains and the Toronto commuter express on the ride home. The trees are turning already and the temperature has dropped. The deer were out eating apples off of trees. It was a beautiful ride. I unpacked everything and the laundry is in the works! The boys are sound asleep in their beds, Troy is passed out on the couch, and I'm gonna go to bed:o) Back to school for David in the morning and grocery shopping for me. We packed an awful lot of driving and activity into 5 days so tomorrow it's time to relax. Thursday I have orientation for my new job, our new dishwasher is being delivered, and the chimney sweep is coming. It's that time of year:o) Then on Friday we're going apple picking. It's good to be home:o) Good night!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Here we go...

Well here we go:o) I've been reading a blog that my friend Anna has been doing for quite a while now and I finally started one myself. I figured it's a great way for family and friends to see how big the boys are getting and find out what we're up too any time of the day or night. I'll start with the basics. I'm 36, married, my husband's name is Troy, and we have two children; David 5 on Sept 7th and Adam 2 on Oct 3rd. I'm a nurse and my husband is a computer engineer.

David is in Pre-K and will start kindergarten next fall. David is a very lovable child who tells me at least 30 times a day,"Mommy...I love you. You're the best mommy in the whole wide world. You make my heart so happy." He loves his brother but also delights in antagonising him mercilessly. David loves anything to do with dinosaurs or trains. He also enjoys watching Animal Planet. He's very perceptive and catches on quickly. He loves to help clean the house(won't last) and saves up the money he gets for helping me to buy TOYS. He never has enough for what he wants to buy but he walks right up to the counter, pulls his money out of his pocket, and gives it to the cashier. I, unbeknownst to him, pay for the balance and he walks out of the store very proud of his new purchase that he paid for all by himself:o) He also comes out with the funniest things when you don't expect it. The boys share a room, the baby was crying, I entered the room and said what's going on in here? David replied without missing a beat..."I'm trying to get my beauty sleep!" He also has a little trouble with his v's. You can frequently hear him tell his brother"don't do that eer(aier), eer(aier) again!" and 7 is pronounced sezen. He has taken to singing the alphabet and did you know that we've had it wrong all these years? There actually is no J or K in the english alphabet just so you know.

Adam delights in Mickey Mouse, Lightening McQueen, Trains, dinosaurs, and screaming at the top of his lungs for no apparent reason other than to let us know that he's there. You will rarely find him without his gray dinosaur in tow. He loves his plug(pacifier) and blanket. He's still in his crib but he's so tall that he's going to be in a big-boy bed very soon. He is so busy and so mischievous that he keeps me on my toes. He is starting to talk a lot more...the best is "bubble" he also says cow,cat, meow,bird,dog,nose,David,mouse,Dad,Mama,thank you,please,NO, what's that, go away, stop, and some others. He is getting so big! And he's got a big attitude to go with it. He certainly knows what he wants and has no problem letting you know when he does or doesn't like something. He has a friend Kyle who he plays with every week. He's getting better at sharing but he is a work in progress. He also likes to bite. We're working on that:o) He is a huge tease and quite the flirt. He likes the ladies already. He loves fruit, especially raspberries and cantaloupe. He loves animals. David is scared of dogs but we've been working on that and he's been much better. Adam loves Da-id, as he calls him. He will hug him one moment and try to bite him the next as he laughs. He's a little stinker but we love him!

Both boys are Mommy's boys, as my husband says. They give great hugs and kisses. I've trained David to brush Mommy's hair, cause that's her favorite, and Adam has taken to trying to do the same except he goes up instead of down.

I love my boys so much and at the same time they can drive me to the edge of sanity, then they smile at me and I melt. I'll post pictures and keep you informed as they grow and experience life day to day.